Equity Statement

Mid-Columbia Housing Authority Columbia Gorge Housing Authority Columbia Cascade Housing Corporation


Our organization commits to an ongoing examination of our policies and practices to advance equity and inclusion of those who are marginalized. We strive to be culturally competent and supportive in creating environments and spaces where every person is welcomed, respected and valued. We commit to engaging diverse voices and including different perspectives, within our staff, board and our community, in our ongoing equity journey.

Our organization recognizes the racial and economic disparities that exist in our community, in the past and present. We understand how these disparities have led to advantages for some over others. Understanding these injustices, our organization must do our part in addressing these issues and make equity work an organizational priority. We acknowledge we have not fully promoted equity throughout our organization.

In our journey moving forward, we commit to examine how we support this work through the creation of culturally competent documents, policies and programs. We will strive to have the demographics of our staff and board reflect the community we serve, and we will have diverse representation of staff at community events. We will examine our work through the lens of equity in all aspects of our organization whenever possible.

Everyone should have a safe stable affordable home. We pledge to make this a reality in the communities we serve.