Home Buyer Classes

Home Buyer ClassHome Buyer Classes

Think you can’t buy a home? You might be greatly surprised. Participate in this class to learn about the entire process of purchasing a home. Columbia Cascade Housing offers Home buying classes through the Columbia Gorge Community College throughout the year.  Cost is $30, (scholarships are available) and registration is through CGCC at 541-506-6011.  All classes are through Zoom.


Home Ownership is closer than you think

Personalized Assistance

Every home buyer has unique wants and needs. In addition to Home Buyer Education Classes, the Mid Columbia Housing Resource Center staff is available to answer your questions and give you support and help throughout the home buying process. We can also refer you to agencies that specialize in other assistance available to you and your family.

Why Enroll?

  1. Homebuyer education helps you learn about the entire home buying process and make wise choices about one of the largest purchases you will ever
  2. Individuals who participate in a homebuyer education program are less likely to default on their
  3. Homebuyer education is required for many special affordable housing
  4. Find out about possible down payment.

Get all your questions answered by an expert as you learn how to shop for a loan, qualify for lower rates, budget for monthly payments and unexpected expenses, and more. Homeowners who have taken the class say they felt much more confident at every step of the home buying process as a result.

To register for the next class contact the Columbia Gorge Community College @ 541.506.6011.

Homebuyer Education Classes 2021

2021 Homebuyer Education Class Schedule:

Saturdays 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

January 9th

*February 6th

March 6th

April 10th

May 8th

*June 5th

July 17th

August 7th

September 11th

*October 9th

November 6th

December 4th

*Spanish Classes

Course Objectives

  • Raise interest in homeownership
  • Decide if homeownership is right for you
  • Understand the home buying process
  • Understand the steps to getting a loan
  • Develop homeowners who can handle ongoing responsibility of home ownership

Create successful first time homebuyers!

Topics Covered:

  • The Housing Decision: Identifying your housing needs and the home purchase
  • Financial Preparation: Understanding lenders and getting mortgage ready
  • Mortgages: Mortgage terms, types of mortgages and shopping for a
  • Shopping for a Home: Assessing housing stock, selecting the home that is right for you and working with a real estate
  • Purchasing the Home: The closing process
  • Protecting your Investment: Financial responsibility, repairs and safety.

Reasons to own your own home

Equity: Unlike rent, your mortgage payment is an investment in your home. At the end of the mortgage, you will own your own home.

Control: You can do anything with your home. You can make improvements to your home or have pets.

Stability: You can keep your home your whole life and never worry about eviction or rent increases. Unless you choose otherwise, your home will be there for you and your family.

Tax Benefits: Mortgage interest is tax deductible. This can decrease the amount you owe or increase the amount you will receive back on your Federal taxes.

However, owning a home is not for everyone! Generally your mortgage payment will be more than your rent. If something breaks in your home, you are responsible for getting it fixed. While selling your home is possible (even if you are still paying your mortgage), it is much easier to move out of an apartment.

Homebuyer Education CLASSES WILL HELP YOU WEIGH THE Benefits, Limitations, And determine If BUYING A



On-Line Pre-Registration is required for all classes, cost is $30 per household.

Free to low income households.

Classes are presented by Columbia Gorge Community College

To register visit: www.cgcc.edu